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Cocoa Pods Quick Overview

I know a few people who are taking their first steps into iOS development. Some have heard about Cocoapods but they don’t know how to use them. A quick overview of implementation is as follows:

Start by a full backup of your project files. Then you have nothing to worry about as you try something new because you always have a “way back.”

First we install Cocoa pods from the gem. On Mac OS X Yosemite:

sudo gem install cocoapods

Then we navigate into our project directory:

gem install pods

path to project
pod ‘name of pod’

Once we do this, we use XCode Workspaces instead of projects.

Sometimes things don’t work out so well when trying something new, so it’s always good to leave a trail that leads back to where you began so you can start over if you need to. Using version control is a great idea. Another possibility is to make a backup copy before you make any significant changes. Yet another possibility is to completely remove Cocoapods from your project.

This can be done by installing cocoapods-deintegrate:


gem install cocoapods-deintegrate

This is especially helpful if you are receiving errors such as:
Pods/Target Support Files/Pods/ No such file or directory