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I made an open source Objective-C app for iOS

Open source and free as in beer:

How it Came to Be

It is keenly important for native app coding ninjas to continuously hone their skills. This ninja hones his skills best by working on some kind of actual project, instead of just doing tutorials and examples. I decided to make an iOS metronome because it would reinforce my skills with views, playing audio, timed events, and math. A music teacher friend mentioned that some metronomes are variable. There is nothing new about this concept of a variable metronome, but not many apps do it so it would be a good challenge. My friend explained some music theory about metronomes, and I set about building the variable metronome app.

Making this app involved…

  • Delegates
  • Properties and methods
  • NSString, int, NSDouble, other data types
  • Timers
  • UITableView and other UI elements such as UIButton, UITextLabel
  • Data sources
  • UI triggering events, UI receiving output
  • Views

I also conducted a few early experiments with some other elements which I decided to leave out of the final program:

  • Sprites
  • SQLite DB
  • NSUserDefinedPrefs

Check out the source code for yourself. Do something cool with it!


This is a great follow up to tweet from last March: